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Rogue Farms Hop Harvest Starts Today!

john hop harvestThe day we’ve been working for is here. The 2013 Rogue Farms hop harvest starts today with our Freedom Hops. They were the first of our varieties to grow cones this spring and the first to be ripe enough for picking.

John Maier is coming to personally set aside some of the Freedom Hops for this year’s batch of Wet Hop Ale. We’ll stuff the cones into burlap bags, load them into the truck, and then John will haul them back over the Coast Range to the Brewery in Newport where he’ll put them in the Wet Hop Ale kettle. From bine to brew in 2 hours and 17 minutes. Now that’s fresh.

But before we can pick a single bine, we’ve got to make sure all the picking and processing equipment is in ship shape.

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Say “Hi” To The New Rogue Farms Chicks

The arrival of turkey chicks is always a surprise here at Rogue Farms. They just show up one day, seemingly out of nowhere.

That has to do with the secretive habits of our hen Juniper. She disappears every now and then, sometimes returning with chicks and sometimes not.

This week, she came back with four cute, tiny fuzzballs.

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Peño Envy

Jalapeno Planting13 webNo one likes a dull revolution.

And to make sure the Rogue Farms Grow Your Own revolution never gets dull or flavorless, we planted our first crop of jalapeño peppers.

240 plants. One-quarter acre. We dug each hole and planted each pepper pot by hand.

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Beer Begins In The Dirt

Yaquina Rhizome web cropBeer begins in the dirt.

We were reminded of that this week when we planted our new variety of aroma hops here at Rogue Farms. No fancy hop planting equipment to do the job for us. Just a bunch of shovels, hole digging, and a ton of dirt.

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Beer, Salmon And Rogue Farms

salmon bakeWhat says “Oregon” more than craft beer? How about Salmon? Combine these two great flavors of the Pacific Northwest and now you’ve got something special. Which is why Rogue Farms Salmon Bakes are one of the most popular events of the summer.

This is not just any salmon. It’s fresh caught Chinook from the Columbia River, harvested by Native Americans who come to the Farm and bake it the traditional way over hot coals. Plus you get a great selection of Rogue Farms beers to enjoy while relaxing among the Rogue Farms hops, rye, pumpkins, jalapeños, roses, turkeys, chickens and potbellied pigs.

The first Salmon Bake of the summer will be Sunday, June 9th. We suggest ordering your tickets ahead of time. For more information take a look at the poster.

june 9 salmon bake

Growing Beer With A Bite

Jalepeno01 cropped_webWe’re going through a bunch of growth spurts this year at Rogue Farms Hopyard. More pumpkins, more rye and a new variety of hops called Yaquina.

So why not our jalapeños? If you like beer and booze with a bite, we’ve got some news for you.

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Coop Painting Party Delayed By Rain

Rogue Farms Logo SmallPlease ignore today’s earlier post about the Coop Painting Party. Actually, don’t ignore the whole post, just the date. We’ve delayed it a week because tomorrow’s weather forecast is cold and wet.

Know Your Hops

rogue farms hopsWhat’s the difference between a Cascade hop and a Perle hop?

There are the technical differences, alpha acids vs beta acids, myrcene vs humulene, the kind of information that anyone with a computer could find in about ten minutes. But what fun is that?

Please allow us at Rogue Farms Hopyard to suggest a more interesting way to know your hops.

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Start Of The Spring Nectar Flow

Rogue Honeybees 19 Original Colonies Mead Rogue Farms Hopyard Independence OregonWhen the first flowers of the season appeared in our neighbor’s cherry orchard, we knew the spring nectar flow had begun.

This is one of the prettiest times of the year on the Rogue Farms Hopyard. And for the Rogue Honeybees, one of the busiest.

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Honey Making Time

The Big Leaf Maples over by the Hop ‘N’ Bed are in full bloom and the Rogue Honeybees are loving it.

This is the first big bloom of spring, and a source of high quality nectar. So what else is keeping the bees busy?

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