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Ever See A Naked Pig?

Some pigs get through the hot days wallowing in mud and water.

But our Potbellied Pig Doo had another idea. He got naked.

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How To Keep 5,140,286 Construction Workers Busy

Rogue Honeybees Watching our Rogue Farms Honeybees hard at work this summer makes us appreciate even more all the effort that goes into building a hive. It’s the kind of appreciation you can only get when you grow your ingredients.

We start by putting together the hive boxes for the bees. But where we’re done, job of the honeybees is just getting started. They have to build the combs where they’ll raise their brood and store their honey. Without the combs the hive won’t survive.

Good thing our population of bees is climbing above the five million mark and rising. They have a lot of work to do.

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These Little Piggies Went Into A Stupor

VOO and DooIn many weddings, there’s a tradition of the bride tossing the bouquet.

For the weddings we host at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon we added a new tradition – tossing the leftover food (except meats) to our Potbellied Pigs, Voo and Doo.

This makes the pigs very happy. They have come to love weddings on the Farm almost as much as the bride and groom. But being pigs, they sometimes enjoy themselves a bit too much.

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A Summer Buffet For Honeybees

Rogue Honeybees 19 Original Colonies Mead Rogue Farms Hopyard Independence OregonBlackberries, Marionberries, Raspberries, Clover – and coming soon – flowering pumpkins.

We’re deep in the middle of the summer nectar flow at Rogue Farms, a time when our honeybees have a bigger selection of food than your typical buffet line. Healthier choices too.

Here’s a look at the honeybees in action.

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We Grow Bees By The Millions

There are no guarantees in farming. No matter how hard you plan, how hard you work, there’s always a risk that nature will throw you a little surprise and ruin everything.

Which is why success tastes especially sweet. And by sweet, we at Rogue Farms mean honey.

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BYOP – Bring Your Own Paintbrush

UPDATE: The Coop Painting Party has been delayed until Wednesday, May 29th because of weather.

Here’s a twist on the old fashioned barn raising.

We’re having a party tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22nd) at the Rogue Farms Hopyard to paint the new Chicken Coop, Turkey Tavern and Pig Pub for our Hopyard animals.

It’s too bad that it had to come to this, but sometimes it’s best to embrace change and party with it.

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Learn How You Can Help The Honeybees

Bee Workshop 5.17.12 (24) web With all the news lately about Colony Collapse Disorder, the timing for this weekend’s Rogue Farms Hopyard DIY Workshop couldn’t be better.

Please join us Sunday, May 19th @ 1:00pm for the DIY Workshop: Bee Keeping.

The interest in backyard honeybee keeping is soaring as more and more Americans want to know how they can help protect this vital pollinator of the food we eat and the beer we drink. But getting started and knowing how to successfully manage a hive is complicated. So get some advice from an expert, Rogue Beekeeper Josh Cronin.

Here’s some of what to expect.

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A Hard Day’s Night And A Million New Honeybees

Rogue Grows Bees

You can feel it everywhere on the Rogue Farms Hopyard. A new level of energy. Almost electric. A buzz you might say.

It’s one of the unexpected pleasures of adding another million honeybees to the Rogue Farms Apiary.

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Knee High In Hops And Other Beer Growing Tales

After some brilliant sunshine, several days of clouds and rain are coming in to the Rogue Farms Hopyard.

We could use the rain. This is one of the driest spring seasons ever.

So here’s where we stand with our four major crops, the very stuff you’ll be drinking soon in a Rogue Farms ale, lager, pilsner, mead and kolsch.

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Down To One Last Chick

This is so sad we almost didn’t tell you.

Of the ten chicks that Nancy hatched last week, only one is still alive. We’ve been forced to take drastic measures.

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The Cocktail Challenge

Our attempt at mixing, drinking and tinkering aka getting drunk and feeling fancy

east happyland beer garden

Gardening hops, grains, vegetables, and brewing beer in South Louisiana. And they said it couldn't be done....

A Pub With Brick Walls

~the literary side of craft beer~

Grow More Hops!

Locally brewed beer deserves locally grown hops!


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