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How We Grow Whiskey

Here’s what two week old whiskey really looks like.

The start of the 2015 Dream Rye crop at Rogue Farms.

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Planting Our Rye Whiskey and Ale

With a big winter storm headed our way to Rogue Farms in Independence,Oregon, we took advantage of a few days of decent weather to plant 20 acres of Dream Rye.


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Life Of Rye

You’re looking at what might be the last field of rye left in Oregon.

This is the 20 acre field where we’ll plant our 2014 crop of Rogue Farms Dream Rye. We plowed the field this week.

When the soil dries out some more we’ll finish up with discing and harrowing it.

Plowing rye field

Plowing the field of Dream Rye. Note the soggy soil in the middle of the photo.

One of the things we learned when we started growing rye is that rye farming has all but disappeared in the state. A couple of years ago there were only 250 acres of it – all down in Southern Oregon in Lake County. In 2013, rye farming in Oregon had shrunk so small that the government stopped publishing the numbers.

The plowed field. Discing and harrowing will break up the chunks of soil into smaller pieces so it's easier to plant.

The plowed field.

So just like our barley and our hops, we learned that if we wanted to ensure a steady supply of rye, we better grow it ourselves. As agri-fermenters of craft beverages, we like knowing where our ingredients come from, how they were cultivated and how they were harvested.

John Maier inspecting the Dream Rye last summer.

John Maier inspecting the Dream Rye last summer.

Our commitment to growing our own doesn’t stop with the harvest. This year’s crop of Dream Rye will be trucked to our Farmstead Malt House in Tygh Valley, Oregon where we will floor malt it and micro malt it by hand in small, artisan batches.

John at last year's harvest where he raked the swathed rye into windrows.

John at last year’s harvest where he raked the swathed rye into windrows.

Dream Rye is just one of the ingredients in our proprietary palate of flavors we grow at Rogue Farms. John Maier will use this year’s crop to craft future batches of Roguenbier Rye Ale and to mash a Rye Whiskey.

Growing and malting your own isn’t the easiest way to make beers and spirits, but we think it’s the best way. You can taste the difference in every bottle and glass.

Please join us at Rogue Farms this spring for the planting season!

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In The Field Of Dream

Mother Nature sure knows how to keep us on our toes!

We had just started harvesting our barley in Tygh Valley (see story here) when – wouldn’t you know it – the Dream Rye we grow in Independence was ripe and ready.

Two major harvests at the same time? Let’s get to work.

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Say “Hi” To The New Rogue Farms Chicks

The arrival of turkey chicks is always a surprise here at Rogue Farms. They just show up one day, seemingly out of nowhere.

That has to do with the secretive habits of our hen Juniper. She disappears every now and then, sometimes returning with chicks and sometimes not.

This week, she came back with four cute, tiny fuzzballs.

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You Can’t Keep Our Good Rye Down

Flattened Rye 05.25.2013The wind storm that flattened several acres of our Dream rye field turned out to be nothing more than a harmless blowhard.

A week later and the rye is straightening itself upright. Except for a few spots here and there, we’ll be able to harvest almost all of it.

And the news keeps getting better here at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

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A Weekend Storm Smackdown At Rogue Farms

We need rain at Rogue Farms. Days of steady rain last week – with more to come in the forecast – is welcomed after one of the driest spring seasons on record.

But that Saturday hail and wind storm we could have done without, especially after we saw what it did to our Field of Dream Rye.

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Knee High In Hops And Other Beer Growing Tales

After some brilliant sunshine, several days of clouds and rain are coming in to the Rogue Farms Hopyard.

We could use the rain. This is one of the driest spring seasons ever.

So here’s where we stand with our four major crops, the very stuff you’ll be drinking soon in a Rogue Farms ale, lager, pilsner, mead and kolsch.

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Field Of Dream

Rogue Farms, Dream Rye, Rogue Farms Hopyard, Roguenbier Rye Ale

The Rogue Farms 35 acre field of Dream Rye lies north of Chatoe Rogue along the Willamette River.

We checked out the field of Dream Rye over the weekend and we’re really pleased with what we found.

The shoots are ankle to shin high, healthy and green, and appear to have survived the winter in great shape. Even the few acres we had to replant after they were flooded are looking good.

Even better, no signs of slugs. The last time we planted rye in late fall, slugs wiped out the crop in just a few days. So this time around we tilled the soil, making it inhospitable for slugs.

For those of you familiar with seeing the Dream Rye field on the way into the Hopyard – it’s not there anymore. There wasn’t enough room for all the new rye we want to grow. Increasing our acreage from 15 – 35 acres meant searching for a bigger plot. We found the space in a field just north of the Chatoe Rogue along the Willamette River.

This is just the beginning of what we hope will become another great batch of Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye Ale.

Rogue Farms, Dream Rye, Rogue Farms Hopyard, Roguenbier Rye Ale

A close up view of Dream Rye. The rye will turn light brown and stand 5 feet tall by harvest time.

Growing Our Field Of Dream

We just started on the expansion of our Dream Rye field. Most of the field has been plowed and when weather permits we’ll go through it with a disc and harrow. That will break down the clumps, create a fine texture and smooth out the field and make it ready for planting.

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