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The Start Of Planting Season

The Rogue Farms planting season began this week as we seeded five acres of Wigrich Corn, a yellow dent variety we’re growing for Brewmaster John Maier to mash into Rogue’s first ever batch of bourbon.

Planting Corn

We moved our crop of Wigrich Corn to a new field along the entrance road into Rogue Farms.

Since it’s pretty much impossible to show you what seeds look like in the ground, here’s what they’re going to look like in a few weeks.

First Corn Shoots

Last year’s crop of Wigrich Corn, two weeks after seeding.

Wigrich Corn is just one of the ingredients we’re planting this spring for our proprietary palate of flavors. Here’s what’s coming up on our planting calendar.

Plowing rye field

Dream Rye: April

How much: We’re replanting six of the acres we lost to slugs, leaving us with a total of 10 acres in Dream Rye.

Why: To use in the mash for our Oregon Rye Whiskey and rye beers. Need a better reason?


Planting Pumpkins 3Dream Pumpkins: May 1st

How much: Two acres for brewing and one acre of Leroy-O-Lanterns for our Pumpkin Patch Party in fall.

Why: To brew Pumpkin Patch Ale, Pumpkin Savior, Pumpkin Spice Soda, and because watching kids pick Halloween pumpkins is a lot of fun.


Wild Blackberry bee 6.20.13 crop webMarionberries: Mid-May

How much: Two acres.

Why: Because we love working with our honeybees. They pollinate the marionberries and produce the honey we use in our Marionberry Braggot.


Jalapeno Harvest 1Jalapeños: Late May

How much: One acre.

Why: For Chipotle Ale and our new Chipotle Whiskey, and because growing our own means getting the fully ripe and red peppers we need to dry smoke them into perfect chipotles.

There’s lot going on at Rogue Farms this spring, so come on out and spend a day. We’ve got beer, spirits, food, lawn games, free events like concerts and our DIY Workshops, plus a front row view of the Grow Your Own Revolution. Join us!

roguefarms grow the revolution


How To Grow Your Own Bees

BeekeepingDIY Workshop: Beekeeping

Saturday, April 25th @ 2pm
Free and open to all ages

All over America, people are learning to appreciate honeybees and everything they do to help us grow a healthy and diverse supply of food.

Backyard beekeeping is now one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country, and more and more cities and towns are letting people grow their own bees. But doing it right requires some knowledge and the right set of tools.

Join Rogue Farms Beekeeper Andrew Barham this Saturday for our DIY Workshop: Beekeeping. Learn about beehive parts and construction, beekeeping tools and equipment, and take a look into an active hive. Even if you don’t become a backyard beekeeper, you’ll never look at a honeybee the same way again.

roguefarms grow the revolution

A Road Trip To Rogue Farms

Join the gang at the Brewing Network as they tour Rogue Farms, meet Brewmaster John Maier, and discover what could be a medieval torture device.

Sharing Our Love Of Craft Malt, Beer And Spirits

This week at Rogue Farms, we hosted 28 of our friends from the North American Craft Maltsters Guild. They came over from the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, Oregon to see how we grow our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas from ground to glass.

They spent the better part of the day with us; touring the farm, having lunch and of course, drinking beer.

Members of the North American Craft Maltsters Guild at Rogue Farms.

Members of the North American Craft Maltsters Guild at Rogue Farms.

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How We Grow Spice For Our Beer And Whiskey

A few miles from here, our this year’s crop of Rogue Farms jalapeños is just getting started.

Jalapeno Greenhouse

Each crop of jalapeños begins in the greenhouse.

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Rogue Farms Spring Crop Report

From killer slugs to invading geese, the season of growing beers, spirits, ciders and sodas is off to an exciting start here at Rogue Farms. Our barley is growing, our hops are climbing and our honeybees are buzzing. Read all about it in our latest edition of the Rogue Farms Crop Report.

spring 2015 crop report eblast for blog

Coming To CBC? Then Come To Rogue Farms.

Portland, Oregon takes its rightful place as the Beervana when thousands of craft beer pilgrims arrive next week for the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference.

But for the full Revolutionary craft beer experience, come to Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon – the Historic Hops Capital of the World. Our hops are climbing, our garden is growing and our bees are buzzing. We’ll be open every day with free tours of the hopyard, processing facility, kiln, cooling house and baling room. Experience craft beer from ground to glass!


Pumpkin Beer In Spring?

Is it too early to think about Pumpkin Beer? At Rogue Farms, we don’t think so.

Today, we’re releasing Pumpkin Savior, a spring pumpkin beer made with real pumpkins. No cans, no puree, no extract.

How’d we do it? Find out in our new special report.

Pumpkin cover

Welcome Back Honeybees

That buzz you hear on the drive into Rogue Farms is the sound of our 7,140,289 honeybees back from their working vacation.

They spent winter pollinating an almond orchard near Tracy, California. We brought them back just in time for the start of the spring nectar flow.

Some of the hives near the entrance to Rogue Farms. FYI, we won't plant the jalapeños until June.

Some of the hives near the entrance to Rogue Farms. FYI, we won’t plant the jalapeños until June.

A nectar flow is when plants go into overtime producing nectar to attract honeybees. This is a period of fierce competition. Gazillions of flowers are blooming, each trying to lure a honeybee with the promise of nectar in exchange for the bee’s pollination services.

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Stringing And Staking Hops, How The Old Timers Did It

staking 01As we wrap up stringing and staking our hops at Rogue Farms, we want to share this newsreel video from 1969 showing how they did it in Great Britain.

They went to amazing lengths back then – you’ll get the reference when you see the video.

While the techniques are different from how we do it today at Rogue Farms, we still string and stake our 65,049 bines and 42-acres by hand. We share their pride over a job well done and their love for a pint of good beer.

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