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The Bounty Of Our Harvest

With the 2012 harvest of our seven varieties of GYO Aroma hops now behind us, now we’re ready to enjoy the bounty. A bottle of Chatoe Rogue Lager, Pilsner, Wet Hop Ale, Roguenbier and Mead. All of them are brewed with the ingredients we planted, grew, cultivated and harvested right here at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

The hop harvest was completed a few days ago as the Alluvial hops – the last of our seven varieties to be harvested – were bottom cut, top cut, stripped, separated, sorted, kilned, cooled and baled.

Getting here was quite the challenge. From the 100 year floods of January, to the blizzards and floods of March, to the slow start in April and May that had us more than just a little worried, to the bright sunny days of July and August that brought out thousands of beautiful tiny hop cones and wiping away all our doubts. This was one unforgettable season!











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