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Barley Blanketed by Snow

Rogue Farms Tygh Valley, Oregon

Rogue Farms
Tygh Valley, Oregon

Our first snow of the season arrived over the Christmas holiday and dropped a foot of snow on the farm and barley fields.

We always look forward to the snow, and not just because it is so beautiful.  The snow is like a blanket over the field protecting the Riskwinter malting barley from extreme cold temperatures.  At the soil surface, the snow is warmed just enough to melt, slowly replenishing the moisture in the dirt.

Notice we’ve got the light on at our newly opened Farmstead Malt House.  Our operations continue throughout the day and the night – whether there is rain, snow, sleet, flood or ice.   Mud, however puts the farm fieldwork on hold.  The recent heavy rains have made the soil far too soggy to support the tractors and other heavy equipment.

If you want to visit one of Rogue Farms, learn more about our Rogue Farms Hopyard on Facebook or at

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  1. laura ericson #

    We’re renting your hop farm farm house the last week in june thru 7/8. We’re having our rehearsal dinner there 7/5. Do you have a catering contract we should be signing. We’ll be reviewing your menu & will contact you in january re menu. Thanks

    December 27, 2012
    • Hey Laura – Please contact our manager at the Hopfarm, Natascha to discuss. You can reach her by phone at 503-838-9813 or email Rock n Rogue!

      January 2, 2013

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