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Start Of The Spring Nectar Flow

Rogue Honeybees 19 Original Colonies Mead Rogue Farms Hopyard Independence OregonWhen the first flowers of the season appeared in our neighbor’s cherry orchard, we knew the spring nectar flow had begun.

This is one of the prettiest times of the year on the Rogue Farms Hopyard. And for the Rogue Honeybees, one of the busiest.

A nectar flow is when everything appears to be in bloom at the same time. Honeybees have more nectar than they need. So after making honey out of it – they store the surplus in the hive or in the super box. Later in the year, we’ll harvest some of that surplus honey for our 19 Original Colonies Mead and Honey Kolsch.

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The new blooms on the cherry trees next to the Rogue Farms Hopyard.

And it’s not just cherries. The Big Leaf Maples are in full bloom and so are many of wild and garden flowers around the Hopyard. Here are some more photos of what’s flowering right now. Please don’t ask us to identify them.

4.26.12 (5) web 4.26.12 (27) web

4.26.12 (28) webThe spring nectar flow usually winds down by mid-May, and the summer flow doesn’t start until June. So there’s a period in between where the Rogue Honeybees have little to forage on. This is called a nectar dearth. We may have to feed the honeybees during the dearth.

And then the summer nectar flow kicks off when the raspberries and blackberries start to bloom. This will keep the bees busy and well fed for many, many weeks.

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