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Pig On The Mend


It’s been over a week since we put the pigs on arthritis medicine and the difference is amazing.

To be honest, it’s also quite a relief to see that Voo and Doo have plenty of life left in them

To get you caught up – it was a while back we noticed that Voo, our Potbellied sow, had a lot of trouble walking and was dragging her bag legs. Some experts from the Oregon State University veterinary school were nice enough to come out to the Rogue Farms Hopyard and check her out. They recommended we bring her in for a full examination. So we did.

Voo is suffering from Bilateral Stifle Osteoarthritis. Better known as arthritic knees. The OSU vets said to start giving her daily glucosamines pill. And so we did that, too.

Thank goodness! Voo stopped dragging her legs, is getting around much better, and her appetite has come back.

Voo says stay away from my corn cob.

Voo says, “Stay away from my corn cob”.

We’re also giving the pill to Doo. He and Voo are siblings, so there’s a very good chance he’ll have Bilateral Stifle Osteoarthritis someday. We want to put that off as long as possible.

But the pigs will also share their food.

But the pigs will also share their food.

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