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Growing Beer With A Bite

Jalepeno01 cropped_webWe’re going through a bunch of growth spurts this year at Rogue Farms Hopyard. More pumpkins, more rye and a new variety of hops called Yaquina.

So why not our jalapeños? If you like beer and booze with a bite, we’ve got some news for you.

Western Oregon is not the kind of place you normally associate with spicy food. But jalapeño peppers grow very well here. We found that out when we planted an experimental patch last summer.

This year we’re aiming for a real crop. 240 jalapeño plants that we hope to harvest, smoke and use in upcoming batches of Chipotle Ale and Chipotle Spirits.

We'll plant the new peppers by hand. Our operation is way too small to use mechanized planting equipment.

We’ll plant the new peppers by hand. Our operation is too small for mechanized planting equipment.

Look for the jalapenos in raised garden boxes at various locations around the Hopyard.

Look for the jalapeños in raised garden boxes around the Hopyard.

Peppers Collage

The Rogue Farms jalapeño peppers at various ripening stages.

John with jalepenos collage web

Brewmaster John Maier comes out around harvest time to see how the peppers are doing.

Pepper planting time is in June. Harvest will depend on nature and how the crop is doing. No sense in rushing things.

Read more about our Chipotle Ale here and Chipotle Spirits here.

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