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The Whole Story On Our Grains

In all the years we’ve been farming, we’ve never seen a season quite like this one.

A hot July kicked our crops into overdrive, especially our grains, the wheat and corn we grow at Rogue Farms in Independence and the malting barley we grow in Tygh Valley.

Just a few weeks ago, our four acre field of Wigrich sweet corn was little more than dirt and a few emerging leaves. Here’s what it looks like today.

Wigrich Corn

Rogue Farms Wigrich corn.

We named our corn for the Wigrich Appellation and you can see why. It thrives in the alluvial soil and the hot summer terroir of Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. We’re expecting a bumper crop, more corn for John Maier to mash and brew into Rogue Spirits Bourbon, Corn Whiskey and maybe even a corn beer.

Our McKercher wheat is also coming along nicely. The color is turning from green to brown and should be ready for harvest in a few weeks.

Rogue Farms McKercher wheat.

Rogue Farms McKercher wheat.

We started growing our own wheat so that John would have another Rogue Farms GYO ingredient for Mom Hefeweizen and Honey Kolsch.

Meanwhile, at our farm in Tygh Valley, our Dare™ malting barley is at a similar stage. It’s half green, half brown and the kernels are doughy. They will ripen and harden over the next couple of weeks and be ready for harvest about mid-August.

Rogue Farms Dare Barley

Rogue Farms Dare™ Barley

Being able to watch and help our grains grow from tiny seeds is one of the joys of being farmers. But once the crops have left the fields, our commitment to creating a proprietary palate of flavors of known origin is just getting started.

In a few months, the corn, wheat and barley you see in these photos will arrive at our Farmstead Malt House. There we’ll floor malt and micro malt them using old world techniques that almost disappeared in the age of industrial brewing. We steep, germinate, flip, kiln and bag of our Rogue Farms malts by hand. At every step along the way, our maltsters see, touch and sniff the grains that go into one of our beers and spirits. It’s the kind of quality control and attention to detail that you only get when you do it yourself.

Please join us at Rogue Farms this summer and see how we grow, harvest, floor malt and micro malt our beers and spirits!

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