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Muddied, But Open

The floods that closed Rogue Farms for several days last week are drawing down. The road is now passable, and we’re open for business all week.

Normally, we’d be closed today and Tuesday. But we want to make sure you’re stocked up on beer from our New Year’s Garage Sale for your parties.

What you’ll see when you drive in is a lot of mud in the fields.

Muddy Hopyard

Plus some high water in the hopyard. We’re calling it Lake Wigrich.

Lake Wigrich

Road conditions are passable. You’ll drive through some shallow water and there are places where the road is only wide enough to allow one car through at a time. But as long as you stay on the pavement you should be okay.

Why Does This Keep Happening?

Floods occur just about every winter at Rogue Farms. They are as much a part of the way of life around here as spring planting and fall harvests.

They start with big, moist winter storms that come in from the Pacific and drop several inches of rain to the east of us in the Coast Range, and to the west of us in the Cascades. As the water flows downhill, it picks up some of the lush volcanic soil from the mountains and carries it into the Willamette River.

By the time the water reaches Rogue Farms, it’s rich with dirt and nutrients. When it floods here, the water has time to rest, releasing its precious cargo and depositing a new layer of soil in our fields and hopyard.

Floods in Hops

Mother Nature at work, making dirt.

While these events may inconvenience us from time to time, we don’t complain. Flooding is Mother Nature’s way of creating new dirt for our seven varieties of hops, Dream Pumpkins, jalapeños, Dream Rye, McKercher Wheat, Wigrich Corn and the flowers that feed our 7,140,289 honeybees.

It’s this cycle of flooding and soil building that allows us to grow our own ingredients, and renews the journey from ground to glass year after year.

Please come to Rogue Farms this week and get some great deals on beer, and to see for yourself how we grow beer, spirits, cider and soda in collaboration with Mother Nature.

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