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High Strung Hops

Yes, it seems silly to get excited over string.

But this was no ordinary shipment via UPS. When the string arrived at Rogue Farms, the delivery folks unloaded dozens of bales weighing hundreds of pounds apiece. In all, we now have 253 miles of string.

Bales of string

Just some of the bales of string that arrived at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

This is not your ordinary string, either. This is coir, made from Sri Lanka coconut husks. It’s perfect climbing material for our hops and it’s biodegradable. When we’re done with the string we can leave it on the ground as winter mulch.

String pile

All in all, we have 63,637 strings for a total of 253 miles of coir.

But the big reason why we’re so excited about our string is because it means spring is almost here. Soon the first hops bines will emerge from the soil in our 42-acre hopyard. A few weeks after that it will be time to string and stake our trellis, and train our bines to climb.

Strung Hopyard

A strung out hopyard. Each string will support two to four climbing hop bines and by the end of summer this will look like a forest of hops.

A new season of growing beers, spirits, ciders and sodas is about to begin. Come out to Rogue Farms and see it all happen right before your eyes.

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