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In The Garden Of Gin And Soda

Our gardener Ryan has been working like a dog these past couple of weeks, transforming, transplanting and expanding the Revolution Garden at Rogue Farms.

Now it’s all starting to pay off as beautiful flowers and healthy herbs.

Orris Root

Orris Root Iris Flower DSC_0377

The rhizomes of certain types of Irises are called Orris Root. They contain aromatic oils that have been used in perfumes for centuries. When we harvest our Orris Root we’ll grind them into a powder and add to our Spruce and Pink Spruce gin.


baby corriander

You know the leaves of the coriander plant as cilantro. But we’re growing our coriander for the seeds, which have many of the same flavors and aromas as thyme, geraniums and linalool.

After harvest we dry the seeds and infuse our gin with them.


Juniper DSC_0389

Ryan transplants a juniper bush into a new hole by the Revolution Garden. Ryan moved the bushes from their old location near the river. Here the soil is better and there’s more exposure to sun.

Juniper DSC_0401

Back filling the hole with dirt.

Juniper DSC_0405

Watering the roots so they become established in their new home.

Juniper is one of the oldest living plant species on Earth, going back 250 million years when all the continents were lumped together in a gigantic mass called Pangea. When the continents drifted apart they took juniper with them, which is why we find juniper trees and bushes all over the world.

Using juniper berries for medicine is almost 2,000 years old. Legends tell us that some enterprising doctor mixed juniper berry extract with alcohol to help his patients feel even better. The precursor to modern gin was born.

We’ll pick the berries from our bushes to add a whole variety of flavors including pine, rosemary, hops and citrus to our Spruce and Pink gin.

Just For Show

poppy 6

We planted poppies to add some color to the garden.

That’s not everything. We’re also adding a whole new section of cucumbers, another ingredient in our gin and our Citrus Cucumber soda.

If you like spirits and soda, then come out to Rogue Farms and see how we grow them from seed to shot and berry to bottle. We’re open every day of the week! Drop in and say hello.

roguefarms grow the revolution



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  1. I ask 2 questions and no reply …

    ever use neem oil if so how so

    how do you attach your top twine?

    Sent from Windows Mail

    May 26, 2015
    • Hi Lew,

      The farmhands who string our hopyard are very experienced and it never occurred to us to ask them what kind of knot they use, or if they all use the same knot. But we asked around and it seems a lot of them use a cow hitch or lark’s head.

      Rogue Farms

      June 3, 2015

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