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Turning Up The Heat In Our Beers And Spirits

It seems like only yesterday that we saw the first bines of the season poking through the soil in our hopyard. Ten weeks later and here we are, planting the last of our major crops. If you like some spice in your beer or spirit, then this is the day you’ve been waiting for.

Planting Our Jalapeños


We started our jalapeños in the greenhouse months ago, where the seeds have the best conditions for germinating and growing. Now it’s time to get them from the greenhouse and into the field.

Crates of jalapeño starters are loaded into what’s called a transplanter.


As each crate swings around, we pull out the starters and drop them into those yellow cups.


Then the transplanter pushes them into the ground in long, straight rows.


The machine takes a lot of the work out of planting jalapeños. Still, we check each starter by hand, just to make sure the job was done right.


By the end of the day we planted an acre of Rogue Farms jalapeños. Not our biggest crop, but definitely our spiciest.

It might have been easier to just buy jalapeños from someone else, or to buy pepper oil or extract. But we’d rather do it ourselves because there’s nothing quite as satisfying like brewing Chipotle Ale or infusing a Chipotle Whiskey with ingredients we grew and smoked ourselves.

John with jalepenos03 copy

With the planting season over, there’s still plenty to see the next time you visit Rogue Farms. Our hops are climbing, our bees are buzzing, our wheat, rye, corn and marionberries are growing like gangbusters. Before you know it, harvest season will be here.

Come join us and see how we Grow The Revolution.

roguefarms grow the revolution

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