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These Buds Are For Craft Beer Drinkers

We’re happy to report that all the hard work we did to save our Prickless Marionberries after those floods in December has paid off. The berries are budding and are in great shape for the growing season.

Here’s what our marionberry field looked like after the floods, a tangled mess of debris and plants pulled up by their roots.

Photo Dec 28, 12 16 49 PM

What we saw the day after the floods receded.

Cleaning up the field was priority #1 at Rogue Farms. We replanted some of the marionberries and removed tons of debris.



So imagine how elated we were to see new buds appear.

Marionberry Bud

The whitish bud you see on the right is the start of a branch that will produce flowers this spring, and marionberries in the summer.

It may seem strange that we’re so emotionally attached to our marionberries. But remember, we planted all 1,602 starters by hand last spring and trained all of them by hand last fall. We really got to know our marionberries.

That’s what the GYO (Grow Your Own) Revolution is all about. Planting, growing and harvesting the ingredients for our beers, spirits, ciders and sodas means we know those ingredients in a way that we never could if we simply bought them off store shelves.

So come on by and check out our new crop of marionberries. Our hops will emerge in about a month and things are picking up at Rogue Farms. Join us!


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