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Meet The New Gardener Of Rogue Farms

Our new gardener at Rogue Farms knows a thing or two about Growing Your Own.

Our new gardner Stacia pulling weeds in the Revolution Garden at Rogue Farms.

Our new gardner Stacia pulling weeds in the Revolution Garden at Rogue Farms.

Stacia grew up on a family farm, where food came from the garden, not a grocery store. As a little girl, Stacia loved playing in the dirt, helping raise the vegetables that would end up on the dinner table. Her grandmother was an organic farmer and grandpa raised honeybees.

Growing and gardening runs deeps in her family tree. It is her passion.


Stacia brings that passion to her job at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon. She’s in charge of the Revolution Garden, and our field of Prickless Marionberries.

During her first week she pulled a lot of weeds, some 33,257 weeds at last count.

In a couple of weeks she’ll start planting this year’s crop of ginger, spruce, orris root, angelica root and coriander – the botanicals we’ll use in future batches of Rogue gin. Also on her to-do list are strawberries and sassafras, destined to become ingredients in our cider and root beer.


Stacia says being a gardener is her dream job. At Rogue, we like people who follow their dreams. Someday down the road, when you’re enjoying one of our gins, braggot, ciders or root beer, don’t forget to raise a glass to Stacia.

With spring just around the corner, things are picking up at Rogue Farms. The Prickless Marionberries are budding, the first hop bines of the season will emerge soon, and you may find Stacia hard at work in the Revolution Garden.

Join us and see how we grow beer, spirits, ciders and sodas from Ground To Glass.


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  1. barbe #

    YAY, STACIA! an awesome person and a Polk County Master Gardener!! can’t wait to check out your garden and indeed, raise a toast to you and your hard work !

    February 19, 2016
  2. mattlifesource #

    Hi Stacia! I can’t wait to try some of the root beer! Sassafrassy!

    February 22, 2016

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