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The Bees Are Back In Town

Welcome back!

More than two months after leaving for their working vacation in California, the 7,140,289 Rogue Farms honeybees are home.

Honeybees Mar 28, 12 49 45 PM

They were crankier than normal. But that’s expected after a 600-mile truck ride.

Honeybees Mar 28, 12 50 44 PM

A look inside one of our hive boxes.

After unloading all the colonies, we gave them some time to settle down. It wasn’t long before they were out and about looking for nectar and pollen.

Honeybees Mar 28, 12 42 34 PM

Foraging honeybees begin the day’s search for pollen and nectar.

The timing is about as good as it gets. The orchard next to the Hop ‘N’ Bed is in full bloom.

For us the flowers are beautiful to look at. But for honeybees, this is their version of the all you can eat buffet.

Plum Blooms Photo Mar 28, 12 03 07 PM


Apple Blooms Photo Mar 28, 12 01 24 PM


Pear blooms Photo Mar 28, 12 02 16 PM


We also planted a starflower called borage. The bees go crazy for the nectar.

Borage Starflower Photo Mar 28, 12 06 49 PM

Borage is sometimes used as an ingredient in gin. We grow our borage exclusively for our honeybees.

Mother Nature is helping, too. Here’s a big field of flowering wild clover.

Clover Photo Mar 28, 12 16 30 PM

Sending our honeybees to California in winter is one of things we do to keep our colonies strong and healthy. It gets them out the cold and damp Oregon winters, and lets them spend their days foraging for pollen and honey in the almond orchards.

Now that they’re back home, the honeybees will spend spring and summer gathering nectar and making honey here at Rogue Farms. They’ll pollinate our Prickless Marionberries, Dream Pumpkins and jalapeños. They’ll forage among the wildflowers and wild berries in the fields that surround us.

The honey they produce for us is a true taste of the terroir of Rogue Farms. Try some for yourself the next time you open a bottle of our Honey Kolsch and Marionberry Braggot.

With the bees back it finally feels like spring around here. Please join us! Head out to Rogue Farms for a week of fantastic weather, great beer, and the good company of 7,140,289 honeybees!


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