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Plant Seeds, Grow Cider And Spirits

Signs of life are popping up everywhere in the Rogue Farms Revolution Garden.

Some are small, like this strawberry plant.

Strawberries (1)

And the angelica.

Angelica (25)

Then there’s some of the plants we seeded last year. Coming out of their winter dormancy they are tall and growing.

Such as the orris root.

Iris-Orris Root (7)

And woodruff – some of which we already harvested!


We started the Revolution Garden as a place to experiment, to try new crops and see how they do in the terroir of Rogue Farms. Our Prickless Marionberries were first planted here in raised boxes, as were our jalapeños. They were such successes we moved them out of the garden and into our fields.

This season, we expanded our plantings of angelica, orris root, coriander, woodruff and juniper. We added strawberries, dwarf spruce, ginger and dill. Most of these ingredients are dedicated to Rogue Spirits Spruce Gin, and some will be used to brew our Ciders. Then there are some off the wall ideas we’re not ready to talk about.

It feels great to see the garden doing so well this spring. Much of the credit goes to our gardener Stacia who’s weeded, seeded and whipped this place into excellent shape.

Strawberries (3)

In the background, Stacia is hoeing our strawberry beds.

The next time you visit Rogue Farms, don’t overlook the Revolution Garden. Your next Rogue Cider or Gin maybe growing there right now.

Join us! Come see how we grow beer, spirits, ciders and sodas from Ground To Glass.


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