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Celebrate Earth Day, Feed A Honeybee

The honeybees at Rogue Farms have a diversity of food sources during the honey growing season.

It starts with cherry, apple and pear and other tree blossoms in the spring. Come summer, we’ll have flowers on our Dream Pumpkins, Prickless Marionberries and jalapeños. Then there’s the wildflowers and wild berries that surround the farm most of the year.

Bees Wildflowers July 2015_DSC0575-2

The more the merrier. A diverse variety of food sources helps our bees to stay healthy, fight off diseases and mites, and improves the quality of the honey.

It’s no secret that honeybees are in trouble. Since 2010, US beekeepers have lost about a third of their colonies every year. So far they’ve done a good job of replacing those lost colonies, but no one thinks this is sustainable over the long run.

We do our part by planting even more wildflowers along the road into Rogue Farms. As far as the honeybees are concerned, you can’t have too many flowers. This week we got to work.

Step 1: We laid a row of soil alongside the road.

We laid a row of soil alongside the road.

Step 2: We raked it and spread it out.

Then raked it to spread it out.

Step 3: We spread the wildflower seeds by hand.

We spread the seeds by hand.

Step 4: Then raked again to mix the seeds into the soil.

Raking them into the soil.

Creating a bed of wildflowers that will pop in the next few weeks.

Creating a bed of wildflowers that will pop in the next few weeks.

We’re expecting rain at Rogue Farms over the next four days. The seeds will get a good soaking between now on Monday. When the sun returns next week, the flowers will be ready to grow.

Until then, we have lots of other flowers blooming here at the farm. Some we planted, others were provided by Mother Nature. Here’s our Earth Day treat for you. Enjoy the show!

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