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BREAKING NEWS: Rogue Farms Under Water

We should know by now not to guess what Mother Nature has in store.

This morning we were welcomed to the farm by the Willamette River, which had broken over the banks and began covering Wigrich Road, the only entrance and exit at Rogue Farms.

The river is still rising, floodwaters are filling the hopyard and we’re being asked to evacuate the area now.

It may look daunting, but for us it’s a time to celebrate.

Flood March 2

The Willamette River filling Field 2, the future home of our Dream Pumpkins

The silt and nutrients from the Willamette River are replenishing the soil and preparing it for the growing season. This is the true terroir of Rogue Farms and we wouldn’t change it for a thing.


Flood waters growing on Wigrich Road

We’re no strangers to flooding. In fact, its been happening for tens of thousands of years. This is what makes the Willamette Valley such an ideal place to grow beer.

Flood March 1

The Willamette River spilling into our 52-acre hopyard

There is always some clean up, but we don’t expect it to be as severe as 2016.

Flood March 3

We won’t be able to assess the damage until the waters recede.

We have closed the Chatoe Tasting Room for the day. Check in on our Facebook page for updates on the flood and when we feel it will be safe to welcome visitors.

Rogue Farms_Logo_Stencil_Color


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