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March Of The Free Range Chicks

free range chicks rogue farms hopyard hop 'n' bed porchOur chickens are free range. But that doesn’t mean they wander aimlessly through the Hopyard.

Just the opposite. They’ve developed a foraging method that’s so precise and methodical it’s a little bit scary.

They start in the same place every day, follow the same path around the Hopyard, and wind up in the same place at night. They really know what they’re doing.

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Rainy Days & Nights at the Rogue Hopyard

The last couple of rainy weeks have put all the animals in a foul mood at the Rogue Ales Hopyard. The Free Range Chicks and Royal Palm Turkeys are hiding under the bushes and on the deck of the Hop ‘N’ Bed. It’s no surprise too see egg production falling off. But that’s typical this time of year regardless of the weather.


The Potbellied Pigs, Voo and Doo, spend most of the day hiding in the straw pile – except when it’s time for eating. They didn’t seem to mind the rain at all when we brought over some leftover pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch Party. Doo was especially thrilled.

Scenes from the Hop Farm

Enjoy some photographs of this week’s happenings at the Rogue Farms Hop Farm in Independence, Oregon.

Rogue Farms Hopyard Hop Cones

The hop cones are soaking in the warm weather and getting bigger every day.

Oregon hops

Free Range Chickens

Nancy, one of our free range chickens, hatched 12 chicks this week!

farm chickens

Another chicken of ours snuck into a cubby in the Farmstead Brewery and tried to roost.

Oregon Pumpkin Patch

Our Dream Pumpkins are starting to grow at a steady pace.

oregon pumpkin patch

Our Pumpkin Patch, nestled against our growing aroma hops.

Oregon honey bees

Our Rogue Farm Honeybees are buzzing around collecting pollen inside the growing pumpkin flowers.

@ beer affair

A love affair with beer based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

hops - belgian bar

The random thoughts of a Cheshire publican.

Mr. and Mrs. Beer

52 Breweries in 52 Weeks

Girl plus a Beer

A girls gotta brew, what a girls gotta brew. Pacific Northwest//PDX born and bred.


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