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The Start Of Planting Season

The Rogue Farms planting season began this week as we seeded five acres of Wigrich Corn, a yellow dent variety we’re growing for Brewmaster John Maier to mash into Rogue’s first ever batch of bourbon.

Planting Corn

We moved our crop of Wigrich Corn to a new field along the entrance road into Rogue Farms.

Since it’s pretty much impossible to show you what seeds look like in the ground, here’s what they’re going to look like in a few weeks.

First Corn Shoots

Last year’s crop of Wigrich Corn, two weeks after seeding.

Wigrich Corn is just one of the ingredients we’re planting this spring for our proprietary palate of flavors. Here’s what’s coming up on our planting calendar.

Plowing rye field

Dream Rye: April

How much: We’re replanting six of the acres we lost to slugs, leaving us with a total of 10 acres in Dream Rye.

Why: To use in the mash for our Oregon Rye Whiskey and rye beers. Need a better reason?


Planting Pumpkins 3Dream Pumpkins: May 1st

How much: Two acres for brewing and one acre of Leroy-O-Lanterns for our Pumpkin Patch Party in fall.

Why: To brew Pumpkin Patch Ale, Pumpkin Savior, Pumpkin Spice Soda, and because watching kids pick Halloween pumpkins is a lot of fun.


Wild Blackberry bee 6.20.13 crop webMarionberries: Mid-May

How much: Two acres.

Why: Because we love working with our honeybees. They pollinate the marionberries and produce the honey we use in our Marionberry Braggot.


Jalapeno Harvest 1Jalapeños: Late May

How much: One acre.

Why: For Chipotle Ale and our new Chipotle Whiskey, and because growing our own means getting the fully ripe and red peppers we need to dry smoke them into perfect chipotles.

There’s lot going on at Rogue Farms this spring, so come on out and spend a day. We’ve got beer, spirits, food, lawn games, free events like concerts and our DIY Workshops, plus a front row view of the Grow Your Own Revolution. Join us!

roguefarms grow the revolution


Learning As We Grow

At Rogue Farms, we’re always up for trying something new and revolutionary. If someone around here has a good idea, we’ll go for it, even if we don’t know exactly how it will turn out.

A good example of the Rogue way of doing things is our Wigrich Corn. We planted four acres this summer with plans to floor malt and micro malt it at our Farmstead Malt House in Tygh Valley.

Well you know what they say about making plans…

Our four acres of Wigrich Corn on harvest day.

Our four acres of Wigrich Corn on harvest day.

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Corn As High As An Elephant’s Eye

There’s an old saying that corn should be, “as high as an elephant’s eye” when you harvest it. With elephants in short supply in the Wigrich Appellation, we at Rogue Farms use more traditional ways of determining when our crop of Wigrich Corn is ready to be picked, shucked and shelled.

The answer? Any day now.

High Corn


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Hop Harvest In, Two More To Go

With the sun fading over the Coast Range, we finished bringing in our Alluvial hops this weekend and the 2014 Rogue Farms Hop Harvest came to a close.

Four weeks, seven varieties of hops, 350 bales, one big celebration.

hop trucks

The final truck loads of Alluvial hops coming in from the hop rows.

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The Whole Story On Our Grains

In all the years we've been farming, we've never seen a season quite like this one.

A hot July kicked our crops into overdrive, but especially our grains, the wheat and corn we grow at Rogue Farms in Independence and the malting barley we grow in Tygh Valley.

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Growing Our Own Ingredients

Drive down Wigrich Road to Rogue Farms this time of year and you’ll always find something new going on.

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Estate Grown Flavor

We're adding a new crop to the proprietary palate of flavors we grow at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

This spring we planted five acres of wheat in a field next our Dream pumpkin patch.

A step forward in the Grow Your Own Revolution.

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