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Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch

Have you been to the farm lately to check out how our Dream pumpkins are doing? If not, check out the below photos! Once ready for harvest in late September or October they’ll be turned into our Chatoe Pumpkin Patch Ale.








Harvest begins!

Today’s the day!  The test cut of the Rogue Risk barley was ideal this morning-10.5% moisture- so harvest has begun! Check out some photos below, or click here to see how harvesting is done by watching our video of last year’s harvest.

Rogue Risk Barley

Dream Rye

It’s especially satisfying to see how our 15 acre field of Dream Rye is doing. Now several feet tall, the rye is turning from green to rust, a sign that everything is coming along as well as we had hoped.

Check out the gallery below to see how it got to where it is!

Click here for more information on our hop farm!

Barley Harvest teaser

We’re so excited to be harvesting our Risk barley at the Rogue Barley Farm in Tygh Valley, Oregon- it’s happening any day now.

Meet the Ashbrooks, the family who owns and operates the combines we use to harvest the barley.

Stan Ashbrook bagging our Risk barley during last year’s harvest.

Deanna and Andrea Ashbrook, the combine drivers.

Weddings at the Hopyard

Did you know the Rogue Farms Micro Hopyard is the perfect place for weddings? We wish to congratulate Cori and Crystal on their beautiful ceremony at the farm this weekend.

If you’re interested in having your wedding at the Rogue Farms Micro Hopyard, call Natascha at (503) 838-9813.