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The Rye is Ready (Almost)

Stay tuned on updates on our Dream Rye Harvest at the Rogue Farm in Independence, Oregon- it’ll happen any day now!

Oregon Rye

Rogue Farms

From Terroir to Table

We just began harvesting our 100 acres of Risk barley, which closely followed the Dare barley that was harvested a few weeks ago at the Rogue Farms Barley Farm in Tygh Valley, Oregon.

Did you know that the Dare and Risk malting barley grown at our farm goes right into each bottle of Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Whiskey?

Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

Oregon Barley

Hop Harvest is Here!

Hop Harvest is about to begin! Join Rogue Farms at the Hopyard for the journey from terroir to tap!

Within the next couple weeks, the Rogue Department of Agriculture will begin trimming, separating, sorting, kilning, cooling and baling each of their seven varieties of Rogue GYO Certified aroma hops.

Take a look at the photos below to see the process from start to finish. You can also check out our Hop Harvest video here to learn more, and visit for updates on harvest dates and times.

Re-Queening the Hives

Rogue Beekeeper Josh re-queened some of our hives recently. He discovered some of the hives didn’t have queens and others had queens that were failing to show proper leadership.

The bottom line as far as we’re concerned – not enough honey.

So change was needed. So Josh and his friend Andy headed out to the hives and did what had to be done.

Oregon Honey Bees

Step One: Josh looks for the old queen. When he finds her, she is summarily dispatched with a quick pinch.

Step Two: The new Queen arrives in a small cage.

Step Three: The cage is inserted into the hive.

Step Four: The worker bees nibble away at a sugar plug that blocks the entrance to the cage. It takes a few days for the bees to eat their way through. This gives them time to adapt to the new queen.




Barley Farm Wildlife

The ranch in Tygh Valley, Oregon where you can find our Barley Farm is a vast expanse of land- there are over 3800 acres of orchards, crops and farmland, including the 265 acres of our Dare and Risk malting Barley. It’s no surprise that a variety of wildlife call the ranch home. Check out these photos of some of the wild animals you may come across on the farm.

Oregon Wildlife


Blue Heron


Mallard Ducks


The hops are growing!

The hops cones are forming at the Rogue Farms Hopyard! Here are some pictures of this year’s hops. You can see all the different stages of growth in the fourth image.

Taste all 5 of our Chatoe Rogue beers, made from the hops you see here and our Dare and Risk barley grown at our barley farm in Tygh Valley, Oregon:

Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager

Chatoe Rogue Good Chit Pilsner

Chatoe Rogue OREgasmic Ale

Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Ale

Chatoe Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale

Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch

Have you been to the farm lately to check out how our Dream pumpkins are doing? If not, check out the below photos! Once ready for harvest in late September or October they’ll be turned into our Chatoe Pumpkin Patch Ale.