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Field Of Dream

Rogue Farms, Dream Rye, Rogue Farms Hopyard, Roguenbier Rye Ale

The Rogue Farms 35 acre field of Dream Rye lies north of Chatoe Rogue along the Willamette River.

We checked out the field of Dream Rye over the weekend and we’re really pleased with what we found.

The shoots are ankle to shin high, healthy and green, and appear to have survived the winter in great shape. Even the few acres we had to replant after they were flooded are looking good.

Even better, no signs of slugs. The last time we planted rye in late fall, slugs wiped out the crop in just a few days. So this time around we tilled the soil, making it inhospitable for slugs.

For those of you familiar with seeing the Dream Rye field on the way into the Hopyard – it’s not there anymore. There wasn’t enough room for all the new rye we want to grow. Increasing our acreage from 15 – 35 acres meant searching for a bigger plot. We found the space in a field just north of the Chatoe Rogue along the Willamette River.

This is just the beginning of what we hope will become another great batch of Rogue Farms Roguenbier Rye Ale.

Rogue Farms, Dream Rye, Rogue Farms Hopyard, Roguenbier Rye Ale

A close up view of Dream Rye. The rye will turn light brown and stand 5 feet tall by harvest time.

Dark, Strong and Baltic

Anthony Kirk wowed the judges at the Rogue Independence Hop & Heritage Festival homebrewing contest.

We were so impressed, we asked him to create a recipe using Rogue Farm grown ingredients and brew it at our Farmstead Brewery. What he came up with was a strong, dark Baltic Porter. Then Kirk and our Farmstead Brewer Josh Cronin got together and got to work.

homebrew, homebrewing, baltic porter, farmstead brewery, rogue farms, rogue farms hopyard, independence, oregon

Anthony Kirk (left) and Farmstead Brewer Josh Cronin (right) brewing Kirk’s Baltic Porter.

Kirk’s recipe includes Rogue Farms Hopyard grown Independent Hops, as well as Munich, Pilsner, Chocolate, Special B, and Carafa 2 malts. ABV is expected at 8% to 9%.

It will go on tap at the Chatoe Rogue Tasting Room in a few months from now. This is a beer that mellows well with age.

Baltic Porters were created in the late 1700s by the Anchor Brewery of London. Famous for its dark porters, Anchor created a strong version that it shipped to Baltic countries. Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, is said to be one of the beer’s admirers. Because of that, Baltic Porter has sometimes been called a Russian Imperial Stout, or an Imperial Stout.

Grown And Brewed On The Rogue Hopyard

It’s brewing season at the Rogue Farms Hopyard.

Farmstead Brewer Josh Cronin created a Farmhouse style Saison that will go on tap in late March at the Chatoe Rogue. Cronin’s recipe includes Rogue DIY Dare™ Pilsner Malt made from the barley we grow at Rogue Farms in Tygh Valley, and Independent and Alluvial hops grown here at the Rogue Hopyard.

farmstead brewery, rogue beer, rogue ales, rogue farms hopyard, independence, oregon, craft beer, rogue brewery

Cronin demonstrates the Farmstead Brewing system during the DIY Homebrewing workshop in February.

Traditionally, Saison beers were brewed in the winter and consumed in the summer to keep farm workers hydrated during the heat.

Other breweries make Saison style beer. But ours is made the old fashioned way, brewed on the farm where the ingredients are grown.

Shower With A Dead Guy

Tammy Taggart of Farmland Soap is a regular at the Rogue Farms Hopyard, and uses our beer and hops to make soap.

Here she is, showing how to make soap with two bottles of Dead Guy Ale.

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