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Growing the Revolution Garden at Rogue Farms

Never content to rest on our laurels, we’ve decided we want to grow more — and in order to do that, we need some more space.

Back in 2016, when we were planning for the 2017 garden, we realized that the current location of the Revolution Garden just didn’t fit all our big ideas.

Revolution Garden Planting Plan - 2017 12.22.16

Planning for the Revolution Garden (don’t worry, we’re better farmers than artists)

In case its not already obvious, we’re consumed by our passion for farming, growing our own ingredients and challenging ourselves in the process. We chose another plot of land at Rogue Farms in Independence and we’ve begun building raised beds for our new ingredients.

Building new beds 1

Stacia, our resident Plant Whisperer, building raised beds with Tyler the Farming Nomad

We’re using cedar boards for the garden beds. Not only is the color rich and the scent penetrating, cedar doesn’t need to be weather treated and it is very durable, lasting 8-10 years.

Building new beds 4

One down, 22 to go

You can feel the hum of excitement around the farm as we get ready for spring. Soon we’ll be getting ready to split hives and replace aging queens in our apiary.

Join us for a pint at the freshly reopened Chatoe and feel the spirit of the season.Rogue Farms_Logo_Stencil_Color

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